Back in Cardiff, UK

I recently returned from Beijing to the UK, after almost committing myself to teaching English full time there, finally my time had run out and the Public Security Bureau (visa office) told me to leave, just as I was applying for a work visa too, to be honest this has always been against my core values, teaching full time, it is super draining, though making + teaching part time, can and has been a good solution, this never works well with visas. Here in the UK it’s much easier to choose something non stressful to sustain my creative making.

I’m also surrounded by creativity, friends and resources, so much inspiration and potential. Beijing is inspiring in that it is different, but when the newness wears off it’s pretty dreary and boring, plus the visa requirements to teach full time at a school, with the way things are run there this really isn’t worthwhile, even as a way to earn good money, China makes it super hard to take money out, with foreigners being penalized for being foreign, we can’t exchange as much as a Chinese person, can’t use certain digital payment methods as a non Chinese person, etc.

Anyway back to the creative stuff, I have finally finished the puppet I shared previously and here she is:

Prancing about

I hope you like her, she is a bit scary, which I like, much better than boring, below are a few more puppets in progress, I need to locate some bit and pieces but hope to finish them in a month or so……

Welsh dragon, he still needs wings
Chinese dragon, so there won’t be any wings.

For the above two which puppets I sculpted the parts using foam clay, and then shaped by cutting with a scalpel, I’m looking forward to bringing them to life very soon 🙂 Sam

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